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GlobTek为医疗应用提供环保材料的电源,线材和电池,高于Reach 和RoHS限制要求如聚氯乙烯(聚氯乙烯)和PC(聚碳酸酯)

GlobTek为医疗应用提供环保材料的电源,线材和电池,高于Reach 和RoHS限制要求如聚氯乙烯(聚氯乙烯)和PC(聚碳酸酯)

GlobTek is able to support medical manufacturer requirements for restricted materials exceeding the requirements of Reach and RoHS. GlobTek has long experience serving the medical device manufacturing industry and is able to provide special versions of all of our products compliant with ISO 10993-1:2009 for Biocompatibility, as well as products free of PVC (poly vinyl chloride) -CAS number 9002-86-2; BPA (Bisphenol A), CAS number 80-05-7; PC (Poly-carbonate) – CAS number 24936-68-3, Natural Rubber Latex.

GlobTek products arer also offered in versions with Chemical Compatibility with Acohol: Disposable and Durable units package labeling and exposed surfaces of molded components shall not exhibit discoloration, damage of high stress areas (as evidenced by crazing) or loss of affected functionalities and labeling shall remain legible after alcohol exposure consisting of three (3) back and forth rubbing motions in each direction using individually wrapped 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Swabs (the alcohol shall be allowed to evaporate and not be rinsed after exposure).

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