EN61010-1:2010 standard section 9.4. Limited Energy Circuit has several stipulations on maximum allowable working power and current for power supplies. Customers seeking to have this qualification in their safety certification reports will need to use power supplies which meet the requirements of section 9.4. For customers needing a high power solution, they will be limited by the standard. For example, a 24V power supply would be limited to 150W including over current protection which is typically set at 100% or more of the rated current..

GlobTek offers several solutions in the high range of allowable power to allow customers to stay in compliance. GlobTek model GTM961200P120VV.V-T3 allows for trimming over current protection to allow for a 120W rated supply to pass the Limited Energy Circuit qualification.

For applications requiring more power, GlobTek GTM961600PWWWVV.V-T3 may be set to 135W in parralel with a replaceable fuse in the output cord could meet the Limited Energy Circuit requirements for certain voltages.

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