USB电源传输(PD)电源(AKA USB Type-C快速充电器电源适配器)

The USB Power Delivery (USB PD) Specification  represents the latest generation of USB power. The specification introduces fast charging at power levels much greater than previously possible with USB, while maintaining full interoperability with legacy USB devices. USB PD power adapters are also compatible with devices designed to the USB Type-C Cable and Connector Specification, which increases the maximum available power at 5V to 15W maximum, from the previous 7.5W maximum (per USB BC1.2). It’s important to note that not all systems with USB Type-C cables are designed for USB PD. A USB Type-C cable indicates, at a minimum, compatibility with the “Type-C power” specification (found under the USB Type-C Cable and Connector Specification).


Devices utilizing these technologies should follow the published USB specifications in order for products to have proper interoperability. The USB Type-C Cable and Connector Specification describes a common cable to be used across a wide array of devices, thereby eliminating waste and multiple types of cables for every device.


USB Power Delivery is a fast charging technology, supported by most smartphones, tablets, and computers, that delivers much higher levels of power than standard charging. Many USB PD devices also support the comparable standard Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ which is also popular amongst many mobile devices.


In order to take advantage of USB Power Delivery it is necessary to have a USB PD-enabled system such as a cellular phone, a tablet, or another type of mobile equipment designed for USB Power Delivery charging. In addition, since USB PD requires “smart” communication between power source and load equipment, the power adapter must also be designed for USB PD. Due to the complexity of the USB PD communication protocol, an additional dedicated wire (in the USB cable) is needed. Therefore, only USB Type-C cables may be used between a USB PD power source and USB PD load equipment.   . Typically USB Power Delivery or Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ chargers are able to detect a non-PD-enabled device and serve a simple 5 volt output under such conditions.


It is advertised that USB  PD power adapters can charge mobile devices up to 70% faster than using a standard 5W or 7.5W charger. Such rapid charging facilitates higher availability of critical mobile equipment due to significantly less time requiring charging. 


The USB PD rapid charging protocol also allows up to 100W of available power.  This large power capacity allows for charging and powering much larger devices than previous USB protocols.


USB PD devices/equipment need to understand their own power requirements to effectively negotiate a power contract with a USB PD source. For battery powered equipment, the power requirements are largely driven by the maximum desired charge rate. A high charge rate requires a power adapter with relatively high output power capability. On the other hand, a high power charger is not always available, so USB PD devices are often designed to accept power adapters with a range of power capabilities. If a low powered PD charger is connected, the device should switch to low power charging. The USB PD charger detects the power requirements of connected devices to deliver the right amount of power to charge that device as fast as possible. 


GlobTek manufacturers USB power delivery (USB PD) rapid charger power supplies in various wattage levels from 18 to 100 watts. USB power delivery rapid charger power supplies are available in wall plug-in and desktop varieties. USB power delivery rapid charger power supplies are also available in grounded and ungrounded options as well as with USB Type-C cords connected to the charger or simply a USB Type-C jack panel mounted on the charger. Customized versions are also available including customized power delivery voltage profiles, customized Vendor Defined Messages (VDMs), or others upon customer request.


GlobTek USB power delivery rapid charger power supplies are certified to various international safety standards and in most major industrialized countries. Most products have multiple Standard approvals such as LPS(Limited power source), IEC/EN 60950-1(information technology equipment), 62368-1(information and communication technology equipment), 60335-1(household use), 60601-1 (medical). All standard models have North American (UL, ETL), European (CE), Russian (EAC), Ukraine, Japan (PSE), China (CCC), and Australian/New Zealand (RCM) Certifications


GlobTek also manufactures a wide range of USB Type-C cables. GlobTek manufacturers USB Type-C to Type-C cables in a variety of lengths and colors both with and without E-mark chips required for higher current carrying capability. GlobTek also manufacturers USB Type-C to USB type A and other USB types of plugs. standard products are available in both black and white and various lengths from 1 to 5 m. Customizations are available upon request.